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Bell 47G-5A

Manufacture: Bell Helicopter
Year Built: 1971

Power Plant: Lycoming TVO-435

Crew: 1

Passengers: Up to 2

Cruise Speed: 60 Kn

Endurance: 3 hours 30 mins

Extras: External litter racks, spray system, broadcasters

Bell 206 L3

Manufacture: Bell Helicopter
Year Built: 1990

Power Plant: Allison 250-C30P

Crew: 1

Passengers: Up to 6

Cruise Speed: 110 Kn

Endurance: 3 hours 20 mins

Extras: External hook, spray system, broadcasters, dual stretcher kit

Ground Vehicles

We also operate a number of ground support vehicles which assist in aircraft re-fuelling, aerial application and fire fighting operations.

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