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Aerial Application

At AgriMuster, we are dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety for or our clients and employees. Whether it is spraying or spreading fertiliser, we guarantee a professional service every time. ​


We are committed to a single goal; we want to improve the productivity and yields for crop growers within the NT and surrounding areas.

Operating a Bell 47 and Bell 206 Long Ranger we are able to cater for all areas of aerial application, from small size paddocks to large plantations.


Using top of the range equipment, AgriMuster are able to draw maps of areas you need maintained, mark out hazards and assign job details which are then sent directly to our TracMap GPS guidance systems in either aircraft. With the ability to carry up to 500 litres of mix at a time we are able to spray over 40,000 litres a day. 


With dedicated ground equipment and a specialist spreading bucket AgriMuster have the tools to apply fertiliser in all locations. With the option to spread up to a 40 meter swathe and utilising our TracMap GPS guidance system we are able to cover large areas in an efficient and effective manner.​

Top Seeding

Both our aircraft also have the option of being fitted with external broadcaster systems in order to fulfil all top seeding and grassland applications.   

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